Savage Tides

A Dwarven View

I Think it's about time We set me story strait. I have been Ruing t'day sice i fell in with ye darned elf and the Warfoged Artificier! an' tis true tha' the face of the Party has changed a bit since i failed "to make ship". lost is the only orc to realy impressed me. Even if he had decided to summon sharks to attak bolly's that wernt even in the durned water! secretly i think he was just trying to fatten up any thing we faced! as he had a way of feeding his pets to his enamies. durned fool trying to slay them with a belly ache rather than a stout axe!

what do I think of our new party since i fell in upon them? all right i will tell ye!

a Theurge? is that what hes called? a fair healer if i did'nt see any! however if i was 'im i would drop trying to follow his elvish instincts and stick to a proper carreer!

A barbarian Bar Wench….... now i never did meet a human woman that could try and Pull off a convincing Dwarf and be a good cook to boot! however just like a women to loose her temper and get in the way! still ye never know when ye need a good wench!

Unlike the darned Half-pint! he rides a Mechanical Lizard and thats about it. (although he's allitte more knowlegble than Fixer!) he's more usefull when preping us for battle and then running for cover…... although that is acceptable if not cowerdly.

That Brings me to that Bastard half-Blood! now if he thinks he can beat me at trying to gaurd the party then let him try! I just wont hold back if he gets bettween Frost bite and me enamies! i just dont trust 'im so you know what they say "keep your friends close…..."

But friends in arms they be. a Unlikely lot to be heros i'd say, but still we are! reacntly feasted in our hounor of our victory over the denizens of drakness.

All in all sat on this boat looking out to the smoke of a burnin' farshore and the blood spilt behind i wonder is there any hope? but what do i care a Bastard son of a Dragon marked house? Im just looking another deamon in the face….... 



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