Savage Tides

A series of mishaps - an account by Murdok Sprocketheim.

In order to appease a local tribe, the company have embarked on a quest to slay a mighty beast. Personally I'll let them deal with the fighting. We went in search of a giant Shambler. Our travels brought us to an abrupt halt with nasty brood of giant spiders, with a disgusting spider-human mutant. The company tried to negociate with the brood to let them pass and continue on their way to the giant Shambler. The brood had other ideas. We were set upon with a foul enchantment. The next thing I know I am bound in a giant silk cucoon. After much effort I burst my bonding and made for my getaway. I lost one dagger, while trying to use it as a piton. Note to self…. don't attempt a climb against hardwood without tougher tools (perhaps adamantine would suffice?).

I just I make it out of this encounter in one piece… 



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