Savage Tides

The Epic Tale of Farshore

[As told to Conner Starsun, Bard, by K'Rin L'Ruh]

As we alit from the the Alman boats, finally at Farshore, we could see the flames licking more ferociously at the buildings around us. Not seeing anyone on the streets, hurrying to put the buildings out, we hurried to the closest building, Joe staying behind as always. As we gathered in the doorway, we could see a woman trapped at the back of the building. I paused, to ask our demonic friend to save her [since he was the best suited to run into a burning building] when suddenly, before any of us could stop him, Kipris the mage ran in. I called after him, knowing with his flapping robes he would surely perish, but he paid me little attention. Within instants he was alight.  Swiftly the demon and dwarf entered after him, the dwarf to rescue Kipris and Lucio to rescue the woman.

Devoid of anything else to do, Lorcian ran back to Joe, who stood at the dockside, to douse his blanket with water. Fixer, the warforged, started off west and north along the main road and I headed South along that same road in search of other people. We had just spilt up, when I heard a yell from Fixer. It seemed he had found someone being attacked by some manner of pirate. I was too far away to help, but I yelled back that he should try and help the victim. I found out later he did, and then some, reducing the pirate to cinders with what he call his 'frag cannon' – a wand of magic missile mounted inside one of his arms. As I began to search the streets for more survivors I heard a yell from behind me, and out of a window just behind me flew a burning mound of what looked like rags. It hit the ground and went out. Another yell came from behind me, the voice I recognised as the Teifling, calling me back as he had rescued the woman. As I moved back to take care of her, I glanced down at the bundle of rags, stifling as cry as I saw it was Kipris. His robes where blackened and burn, as was his face. I knelt beside him. He was gone. I said a silent prayer to his god and moved on. I would have time to grieve him later.

As I moved to the woman we had rescued, the dwarf shot out of the building also on fire but swiftly putting himself out. I began to question the hysterical woman about what had happened. Pirates, she said, had landed and burned everything. She didn't know were anyone was, except that most had left the town. She didn't know who, if anyone, might be in the other buildings. As I spoke to her the dwarf got an odd look on his face before shooting off in the direction fixer had gone. The tiefling, also restless for more action, headed the way I had been going, muttering something about warning others out of their homes. I finished questioning the woman and told her to find Joe and stay there. Joe will always find the safest place in a battle…

That accomplished, I began searching the other side of the street to the teifling. I had come to a corner in my searching when I began to hear the sounds of battle. That explained why the dwarf had run off. I yelled back to demon-boy and started running at full pelt into the action. As I arrived, I saw pirates fighting with the dwarf and fixer. They seemed to be doing fine. All the towns-folk where clustered around one burning building, trying with buckets to put out the flames. I grabbed one man as he ran past. The building, he said, contained all the town records. I didn't really understand what he was blabbering about so I released him, but just then Lorcian showed up, yelling out the name of our sponsor. It hadn't occurred to me that she might be here and in danger. Through the smoke, I could see the masts of her ship and started to moved that way, thinking she would be there. Unfortunately my progress was arrested by a pirate. He leered at me, probably mistaking me for one of the simple towns folk, so I smacked him a couple of times in the jaw, before the teifling turned up to help out. He drove his sword into the pirate's back. One more punch in the face from me and the vile pirate fell the ground. Lorcian and I had a quick discussion about the town records, while the teifling turned to aid the dwarf. Fixer was no where to be seen. Lorcian stayed to help put out the building, as I headed over towards the boats…



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