Savage Tides

The Epic Tale of Farshore

[As told to Conner Starsun, Bard, by K'Rin L'Ruh]

Much had happened since the acquisition of my pub.

We fought a shambling mound, with a small detour including fire and spiders, to secure the Alman's loyalty in the coming battle. They agreed to post warriors either side of Farshore, to protect the channels at it's back. McKnuckle and Kaskus Kiel, one of the jade ravens, went out into the wilderness to secure the help of some 'terror birds' who would protect the rear of the town.

That night we gathered in the 'Brass knuckle' to discuss the defeat of the shambling mound and have Lorcian tell us of rescuing the vessel we arrived on. Suddenly the door to the bar swung open, and there stood a War Forged, one we hadn't seen before. We all stared until Joe broke the silence. He stood, perplexed as the rest of us. “Fixer?” The War Forged smiled.
“Hi meatbags!” I also stood, and looked him up and down. He shone in a way he hadn't since I'd met him on the shores of sasserine, and his whole demeanour seemed more aggressive.
“I think I need a bigger doorway,” I muttered. Hyper Fixer ducked under the frame and came to sit with us.
“I guess you do,” he said. “Got any oil?”

The next day, we continued with our work. Lorcian and I set to training the town's people – anyone who could hold a sword was pressed into service. Fixer worked with the town's alchemist to make quicklime, a deviating substance, while McKnuckle set up stations from which it could be hurled at the invaders. Murdock supervised the repair of the towns palisades. We had our hands busy until the morning of the attack.

We were woken by the church bells tolling. Five Pirate ships had been spotted. We ate a hearty breakfast and took up our defences, as they grew ever closer.



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