Savage Tides

Joe's Journal

In which our hero saves the day, again

Well journal, we have certainly had some excitement recently. With so many acts of bravery and dashing greatness, I just have to record them here so that future generations can know of the legend that is Joe Talls and his assistants.

Upon reaching Farshore, we round it in flames. Quickly, I sacrificed my valuable dust of dryness to consume a large quantity of water and then dispatched Snappy to disperse it across the town. Alas, our cleric died attempting to save a woman from a fire, but we were heartened by the success of my plan as the flames sizzled in the centre of town. However, there were still fires to put out.

Leaving the others to attend the wounded, I valiantly rushed to the docks where our comrades from the other ships, who were feared were lost, were battling it out with pirate scum! I gracefully dispatched the pirates with my magical whip – yet another sacrifice of my magical wares, a display of generosity that could make even an angel weep! While I left my whip to work on the pirates, I rushed off to the last remaining burning building, the hall of records.

Alas, all out of magical items to save the day with and with no mages or sorcerers available, its was up to the villagers and my assistants to hold back the flames but it wasn’t enough. Luckily, I had the highly intelligent idea of infusing Fixer’s energy weapon to fire ice energy, and quickly we stopped the fire.

Lividia, whom I saved with my whip, greeted us all and was glad to see us alive. I introduced myself, having only seen her briefly before the storm split us up and offered my services creating weapons and armour in case we were attacked again. My assistants had also captured a pirate alive and we interrogated him for information. The brutish McKnuckle’s attempts at intimidation failed to get any answers and so it was up to me to get the truth. And get it I did without so much as another drop of blood spilled. Being a surgeon of unrivalled skill, I treated the pirates wounds once he told us of his wishes to atone for his sins and his knowledge of the rest of the pirate fleet. Most harrowing of all was the fact that they would be coming back in full force a month from now!

I took this information to Lividia and put forwards a case for the pirate, whose lamentations about his wicked ways and requests for a chance to atone could not be ignored. After some squabbling among the nobles, I convinced them of Lefty’s usefulness. I also secured access to the town resources and spent my time crafting weapons and armour for the battle ahead. To help in this endeavour I constructed a new minion, Crafty, a dedicated wright and set him to work. Lefty had also become a firm follower of mine and so I offered him some simple training in the arts of metal working and put him to work too. Soon enough we had some new plate for McKnuckle and several improvements to our bards armour and weapons.

We also found the battered remains of a creation forge, hidden and overgrown in the jungle. It seemed to have fallen out of the sky a long time ago from what I could tell based on the surrounding area and the forge seemed to be more of a repair forge rather than one capable of creating new warforged. Being a warforged and an Artificer, I left Fixer to examine it after warning him not too mess around with. Alas, as is so often the case no-one listens to me and while I was working on the badrs weapons, the bard burst in to tell me Fixer had entered the device and that it was emitting strange noises. I dismissed him, already busy with important work and knowing that there was nothing we could do, for to interrupt the processes at work within could destroy Fixer utterly. All we can do is wait.

Unfortunately, time is not on our side. We now have but 2 weeks until the pirates arrive. using the information I have gleaned from the records, we could unite the Olman clans and build ourselves a formidable ally. To that though we need to set out and slay one or more of 7 magical beasts that cast their dark shadow over these lands. Luckily Joe Talls is here, so all is not lost!



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