Savage Tides

A series of mishaps - an account by Murdok Sprocketheim.

Well my search for wealth has lead me to the middle of nowhere. This Isle of Farshore has to have been one of my biggest blunders to date. 

I have been chased by demons. Terrorized by giant birds. And now besieged by pirates. Could things get any worse? I had just settled into this local village trying to get by as a miner, when a band of raiding pirates ransacked the entire village. Luckily this band of wandering adventurers had come along to see off these scurvy dogs. Saying that when the Warforged had burst in on me at the local chapel I practically jumped outta me skin. Luckily the lad (I say in the loosest term) was the enlightened sort (not like a lot of the Warforged warrior types that I have grown accustomed to back in the holds of Clan Kundrak). The others seem quite skilled, so I think I'll hang with them for a while. And who knows…. they might lead me to riches.

This could be my lucky break. 



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