McKnuckle d'Kundrak

He's Mean, He's Ugly and He HATES the Smell of Brimstone!


a Dwarf Bought up in the mior Hills, raised in the great house of d'kundrak, unfortunatly Mcknuckle has never shown a hint of The Dragon mark and his continued assosiation with the only Barbaian/druid Dwarf Moonrock ernt him a post As far away from the great house as possible!

since taking up his new post he shortly teamed up with a bizare group consisting of a Half-elf Bard, a Warforged artificier and a Halforc Druid and given the duty of protecting the lady of the city! hoever this was not to be as when trying to help a powerfull artificer to escape the hands of house cannith he was Caught and he was servealy beaten and pressed into service of protection for a cannith wizard (who paid for the Elemental to be bound to the urgosh). The Cannith wizard was over cofident however and tried to summon a Pit fiend which when ary and mcknuckle fourght tooth and nail quite litraly! servearly wounded the pitfiend jumped through a portal only to have an angry mcknuckle follow.

One hasty swipe later and mcknuckle falls to earth right umongst his former colligues! He lost all of his Armour and is the bane of the Parties Healers at the moment!

Although he is Increadbley surley he has his moments when he lets his guard down and the party gets a glimps of a Caring Guardian…. not that he would let anyone see intentionly as he belives the Dwarven gardian must be a solid as the stone he was ushered into the world in.

All of this does make some mebers of the party a bit cold towards him (especialy a Certain barbarian Bar wench and a Tiefling scout).   

"Frost bite" – The Dwarven urgosh Was orginaly Crafted from pure Calishmal by the Warforged Artificer by the name of "Fixer". Under the Ownership of house cannith the Head and Spear tip was removed and the rest discarded. a Kyber shard containing a Young Ice elemental Was bound into the shaft just below The head. A Psycic Bond between the Ice Elemental and the dwarf Was created however during the crafting when the wizard was distracted by the enranged dwarf grabbing the Incompleate Wepon durring the bonding ritual.   

McKnuckle d'Kundrak

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